Dr. Lucie Baker

Meet Dr Lucie Baker PhD, Founder of Embodied State of Mind


When it comes to body image and aging there are two general notions. The first proposes that body image dissatisfaction increases with age as the aging process changes people’s bodies so that they are increasingly discrepant from Western society’s cultural ideal of thinness, muscularity, and youthfulness. The second perspective holds that body image concerns fade with age, particularly among women, as social pressures emphasizing the importance of appearance become less pronounced.

Intrigued by these two contradictory viewpoints, Dr Baker began her research looking into the relationship between body image and self-esteem. After surveying 148 men and women aged 65–85 years, she found that, contrary common misconceptions, body image concerns do not fade away or, for that matter, increase with age. Rather, these remain significant to self-esteem throughout the lifespan.

Subsequently, Dr Baker turned her interest to the ‘why and how’ of body image and developed the Integrative Model of Body Image Development (IMBID) as well as a psychometric measure to evaluate body image satisfaction. Her project involved over 800 participants. Her findings shed light, not only about the meaning of body image and aging, but also on the ‘why and how’ of body image and the factors that lead to body image dissatisfaction throughout the lifespan.

After a decade of research on body image, she has observed that there is something fundamentally wrong and harmful about the way most people view their body. Yet, an understanding of the ‘why and how’ of body image development can help anyone easily revolutionize the way they feel about their body and lead a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life!

Wanting her research to benefit individuals as initially intended (rather than remained confined to scientific publications – a selection of which can be found here), Dr Baker founded Embodied State of Mind LLC. Her scientific and evidence based approach, aims to empower people with the knowledge and skills they need to revolutionize the way people feel about their body.

Dr Baker holds a PhD in psychology from Edith Cowan University, Western Australia where she carried out extensive research on body image development. At Embodied State of Mind she is involved in all aspects of program development and delivery and available for individual consultation.